The John Sebastian – Friday

Introducing our Friday evening: The John Sebastian!

We have leaned towards (pun intended!) hiring this beauty again this year, as it seems its slightly sloping wooden floor provided lots of bal fun on our first edition! We absolutely love this quirky, quintessentially Bristol venue and were submerged by great feedback! Some of our favourite comments about the venue were ‘definitely worth re-booking’ and ‘something very different that Bristol can offer that other cities cannot. Great place to dance’.

Built in 1885, the John Sebastian has endured two world wars as a guiding light for many maritime ships. Eventually sold for scrap and set alight, she burned for days but did not succumb. Bought in 1954 and worked on through the seasons, she was eventually turned into a wonderful space and bar.

The John Sebastian, can be found permanently moored in Bathurst basin, alongside the aptly named “John Sebastian Quay”, just off Commercial Road and in front of the old General Hospital. The venue is roughly a 15 minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station, the main train station in Bristol.

Faithspace – Saturday afternoon

Introducing our Saturday Afternoon venue: Faithspace Community Redcliffe! Faithspace is a remodelled Methodist Church in the heart of Redcliffe, Bristol. This is the perfect day time venue, with beautiful wooden flooring and lots of natural light overlooking St Mary Redcliffe Church.

Hamilton House – Saturday night

Hamilton House is one of Bristol’s most beloved and well known co-exist spaces in the heart of Stokes Croft in which people collectively live, work, play and innovate to create a better world for each other, our community and the environment.

Unfortunately HH is currently under threat and we therefore felt it was our Bristol duty to support and use this space while we still can.

Southville Community Centre – Sunday

Back by very popular demand, our Sunday tea dance venue, The Southville Centre!

The Southville community Centre is a unique and ethical venue in a grade II listed building run by a registered charity, which provides support to local groups and the community, perfectly embodying Bristol’s giving nature.

We will be dancing in the beautiful Main Hall again, with a beautiful 137 square meter wooden floor.

There will be more tea/coffee and cake this year (and more than one urn!) all funded by your loving Bal Loon team!